Hank & Marilee Hobson –  Founders of Heritage House Ministries. Contact Us at [email protected]

hank n marilee
We have served as Home Fellowship leaders since 2001. We have five children and have been married for 37 years. Hank taught High School and College Vocational Education for 31 years and is currently retired. Marilee was a homemaker and mother while the children were growing up and later worked in the Health Care field along with event planning. We both came from Traditional Christian homes and later attended Bible College. While attending church in a major denomination we were very involved in church prayer ministry and community outreach.

We started the most exciting journey of our life beginning in 1997. We often felt like the church was missing something and felt disillusioned by the lack of real growth in people and the lack of conviction of sin and lukewarm hearts of people. We felt like something was seriously missing and that the Word was being diluted with no real fruit coming forth. We knew there had to be more to this walk than what we were seeing or experiencing. Yahweh gave us a real hunger for the Word and started opening our eyes to His truth in the Scriptures and they came alive with understanding we had not known before. Something inside of us awakened. It was like the spiritual DNA was activated in us.

Marilee went on a tour to Israel in 1999 with her twin sister for the feast of Tabernacles and it totally changed her life and gave her a deep love for the land and a strong desire to understand the Feasts and their importance for us as believers. We both returned to Israel in 2001 and discovered that we were part of Israel and not that the church had replaced Israel. This was exciting and it gave us purpose and direction with an understanding of our role and responsibility as being part of the people of Israel. We wanted to help others discover their identity and their lost heritage as Israel. We felt like we had been “Born again” all over again. We discovered we were immersed in a lot of pagan man-made traditions and the doctrines of men and had been cut off from our Hebrew roots. The true message of the Word was corrupted by the traditions of man and had lost the purity of the message once delivered to the saints. We wondered why and where did we go so far off course? We had inherited a faith that had been revised, repackaged and diluted and used to promote personal agendas for political advantage. We could see an identity crisis in the church and believers confused about who they were and what their purpose was. We weren’t allowed to question those in leadership and had to just had to set aside the many questions we had for years.

A sincere passion for the Word grew and we started sharing some of the revelation the Lord had given us through the Holy Spirit with only a few, knowing we would probably be rejected for our views which now collided with what we were being taught in the church. Feeling some discontentment with church, we pulled away to dig deeper in the word and to provide a place for others who were hungry for the truth of the Word to come and search the Scriptures as the Bereans. We hosted an interactive Bible study group to foster growth and obedience to the Word. We started first with celebrating the Shabbat and then began understanding and celebrating Feasts of the Lord. With each step of obedience came more understanding and revelation.

Yahweh completely revolutionized our life and has set us on a path that caused us to have a passion for our Messiah and His Word and has changed our lives forever. We had no idea how this new understanding would shape our lives and our future. It is humbling to think that Yahweh would choose us and reveal His Word to us in such an awesome way. Our goal now is to search for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and restore them to their Hebrew roots and to the Covenant of Promise given to us through Abraham. Yahweh continues to bring fresh insight from the Scripture, expanding our understanding of the Word and also seeing its relevance for today. We want to strengthen the Body of Messiah by bringing believers into an understanding of the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective, restoring all things to prepare the way for Messiah’s return. It is so exciting to see the lives changed and transformed as people begin to walk in a deeper relationship with Messiah, leaving behind the traditions of men and learning to walk in a lifestyle that is in accordance with the Scripture. We believe this is a silent revival. We see that Torah is His righteous instructions for us to walk in, the divine plan for Israel’s restoration to Messiah and His ways. This grass roots movement is a spiritual awakening, challenging the religious system of our day with implications for the church at large, rocking its foundations. We believe this move of Yah will go on across the land, awakening the Body of Messiah to our purpose to see that Torah is valid for today.

We were inspired to host Seminars to present a deeper understanding of the Hebrew roots and started to see more and more people attending with a real hunger to know more. We felt led of Yahweh to organize and host large weekend conferences in 2005 to be able to impact the lives of more people. We have had Yahweh’s blessing on our humble efforts and we have grown significantly. We have seen lives changed as a result of the impact that these conferences are having on people’s lives, bringing life changing insights through anointed speakers, giving them an understanding of the Word from a Hebraic perspective and restoring people to Torah the righteous instructions given for His redeemed people called Israel, whom we are, so we might walk out a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him. Walking in the Torah empowers and equips us to go forth and spread the good news of the gospel, teaching people to learn, live and speak His Truth. We can each be a part of Yahweh’s plan that he is implementing on the earth for such a time as this. He continues to expand our tent pegs and we are in awe at his most awesome work. We can each be effective in touching lives for His Kingdom.